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Learn to handle these unprecedented times with education and guidance.

Master Life Coach/Planner

Whether in a professional or personal capacity, we all need advice from someone with strategic planning experience, a grasp of real-life issues, common sense, and logic. S4 is here to help you achieve your goals and enhance your quality of life.

Emotional Intelligence Expert

As a Master Life Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence, S4 employs an emotional intelligent (E.Q.) approach to life coaching. Focusing on self-esteem, self-awareness, and autonomy, S4’s goal is to guide you toward a more profound understanding of yourself and the tools needed for personal growth.

TEFL Instructor

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Classes are available privately and through the LLP (Live learning platform) Varsity Tutors. S4 LLC has specifically designed a program to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively learn English as a foreign language and/or enhance your current English communication skills.

Personalized Homeopathic Method Plan (PHMP)

Explore a personalized PHMP with S4. S4 understands that not all issues require medication. At S4, we embrace quality of life as our essential goal. S4’s priority is creating a safe, personalized, and detailed support plan before collaboratively addressing any medical concerns with physicians. Our approach incorporates various psychological models to tailor a unique plan for the unique individual that is you.

We maintain a neutral stance on prescription medications. While some clients may require them unquestionably, we strive to craft a distinctive plan utilizing our diverse resources. If necessary, we provide referrals for psychiatric care. S4’s homeopathic methods include breathing exercises, mental reframing, creating mental safe spaces, coping skills, and more. While these methods are not intended to replace necessary medication, S4 believes in the countless remedies nature can offer.
S4 is as unique as your fingerprint, with the objective being YOU.

"Professor" of Accountability

As the “Professor” of Accountability Services at S4 LLC, our mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate challenges and uncertainties effectively. Our content focuses on fostering accountability at both personal and professional levels, promoting growth, resilience, and sustainable success.
We provide comprehensive educational resources on the concept of accountability, its importance, and its practical applications.
Our materials cover topics such as setting clear goals, taking ownership of actions and outcomes, and fostering a culture of accountability within teams and organizations.
Our content offers practical guidance and best practices for cultivating accountability in various contexts. Whether it’s leadership accountability, individual accountability, or accountability within teams, we offer insights and strategies to help our audience thrive.

What is S4 LLC? Answer:Your Support

May serenity accompany you always
Mission statement: Your search for support ends here.

S4 is here for you, genuinely. It’s challenging to find someone who can embody non-judgmentalism, exceptional listening skills, valuable resources, empathy, and authenticity all at once. Through dedicated efforts in education and real-life experiences, S4 has achieved profound levels of effectiveness.

S4’s time spent working with the less fortunate provided valuable insights within the mental health system highlighting system cracks. S4 strongly believes the system requires more attention. The diverse situations S4 has encountered have enriched my expertise, ensuring even better results.

S4’s ultimate goal will always be to offer support to others in times of need. Driven by the experiences S4’s founder has faced over the last 3 decades, dealing with personal traumatic losses and not having adequate support has yet to be found, hence, S4’s creation. S4 is dedicated and passionate about helping others navigate life’s challenges. S4 is your reliable support system, free from judgment.

“We are only as good as the tools we have collected through our experiences.”


S4 is committed to protecting our client’s confidentiality and ensuring that their privacy is respected and follows HIPPA regulations.

Mental Health and Accountability Coaching Testimonials

Colette was Victoria's mentor

Colette saved me from a pattern of maladaptive and depressive behavior and helped me create a more controlled and happier lifestyle. She helped me grieve my losses and taught me how to breathe again. I was so depressed I didn’t even leave my bed. She helped me step outside of that hole I was in and helped me climb out to a stronger and more self-sufficient individual. I owe her so much inspiration and gratitude. Honestly 11/10 experience with her!!

Victoria Ludwin, M.S.Victoria Ludwin, M.S.

Behavioral Health Clinician Behavioral Health Clinician , December 23, 2020

Colette was Susan's mentor

My experience with Colette Santo has been that of a caring human being. She has demonstrated true compassion for others and is a consummate professional.

Susan J. Hall, D.O.

Retired Osteopathic Physician sharing LifeWave with the world & offering Succession Planning and Income Protection with National Life GroupRetired Osteopathic Physician sharing LifeWave with the world & offering Succession Planning and Income Protection with National Life Group, December 19, 2020

Colette was Michael's mentor

Open-minded, genuine – not only a well-rounded life experienced and knowledgeable person and a lamp for anyone seeking guidance but also a beautiful soul-the world society communities need more of.Strong-durable-no nonsense-yet, a kind & gentle heart – this world can learn a lot from.

Victoria Ludwin, M.S.Victoria Ludwin, M.S.
#ProfessionalActor #FitnessEnthusiast #Producer #Editor #Singer#Songwriter #Videographer #ALPHAME apparel creator owner Script writer #audioengineer poet #altruist #Barber #PoolTechnician
December 18, 2020

TEFL Coaching Areas & Testimonials



Elementary School English

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Reading


Graduate Test Prep



MCAT Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior


Middle School Math

Professional Certifications


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Reviews from Young Clients

She helped me a lot and I felt like I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t know before and she is really helpful.

– Cody S3/20/2024

“Great Job and HBD”

– Nai’Aiesha F, 3/7/2024

“Gracias mi hija le gust mucho suclase “

– Dayami F 1/24/2024

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